Hygiene: Everything You Need to Know

About: Healthy Hygiene

Personal hygiene

Health is more than any wealth and its health is most important for every person. Health and cleanliness are very closely related. Where there will be cleanliness, there will be good health. Our environment has a great impact on our health. If our environment is clean, then our health will be healthy and if the environment is polluted, it will have negative effects on our health. Cleanliness, whether it is body or home, has a very positive effect on health.

Healthy Hygiene Habits

Keeping in mind our health and hygiene, the campaign of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan has been launched so that the environment around us is clean and we remain healthy but many people still put garbage, polythene, paper etc. in the open Diseases increase. People should together keep the environment clean because every person's health is very important. Together we should take steps towards cleanliness and health.

We should regularly clean our body parts, houses and neighborhoods. We should eat fresh food. We should not allow water to collect around us because mosquitoes and flies sit in it which feeds the food and also produces many diseases. Our health depends on cleanliness. The more we keep cleanliness around us, the more we will be healthy.

Cleanliness is the only key that makes a person feel healthy, otherwise due to germs growing in the dirt, we fall prey to many diseases and our health gets spoiled. If there is cleanliness around us then we feel cheerful and it takes our mind to do every task and if there is dirt around us on the other hand, no matter how concentrated we try to work, we can do that work in the best way We will not be able to do it and our health will also deteriorate.

Since childhood, most of us have been taught about personal hygiene habits. Habits are taught at a very young age from cleaning your teeth, taking your bath, washing your hands before eating and wearing clean clothes. And these habits become a regular part of life. But these habits do not end here.

Mental Healthy Hygiene


Both physical and mental health are very important for any person. If a person is physically healthy but his mental health is poor then he will have to face many kinds of problems in his life. Mental health makes a person aware of their abilities, gives them confidence that they can cope with stress in life and can contribute to the development of their community through their work or actions.

Mental disorder affects a person's health-related behaviour, judgment, regular exercise, adequate sleep, safe sexual behaviour etc. and increases the risk of physical diseases. It is due to mental illness that a person has to become unemployed, scattered family, poverty, drug abuse and related crime. If a person's mental health is right, then his life will also be right.

Therefore, we have already tell you in detail about every aspect related to mental disorders in this section, which will help in improving your mental health.

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