Best Immunity Booster Technique : During Corona Pandemic

Best Immunity Booster Technique : During Corona Pandemic

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Coronavirus: Immunity Booster

What is Immunity - Definition of Immunity

 Often you have heard people saying that my immunity is decreasing or decreasing. After all, what is it in the immune system that makes us read so much need for it, you must have noticed that, in the same situation, some people often hurry Some people do not get sick for a long time due to their good immunity. The reason behind this is that bacteria and viruses are present around our body all the time. And the Immune System of our body protects our body from these dangerous bacteria and viruses. Therefore, it becomes very important to know ways to increase immunity.

By the way, the immune system does a very good job in fighting against every disease. But sometimes its ability to function gets reduced due to which germ bacteria and viruses start entering our body and we become a victim of serious diseases.

What is Immune System - Human Immune System

Immune system means that the defense system inside the body is called immune system to keep us healthy, and if your Immune system is right, then you will not have any problem with minor diseases and if it happens, then in a couple of days you will be cured.

But if you have problems with the cold and weather changes or if you feel tired and lethargic by doing a little work, then you can say that my immune system may not be well. So today we talk about this and know how you can increase immunity power -

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Immunity during Corona

5 Measures to increase immunity - How to increase immunity

In fact, our body's immune system needs a lot of nutrients to function properly. You must have seen that malnourished children fall ill sooner than those who have a balanced diet. Our body needs vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to function properly, and according to the study, the immune system of people who eat more fruits and vegetables is better than those who eat more vegetables and fruits. Don't eat Micro-nutrients and anti-oxidants such as Zinc, Iron, Selenium, Copper, Folic acid and Vitamin A, B6, C, E are needed to increase immunity of the body.

1. To increase water immunity

Water / Water - At least 8 glasses of water should be taken throughout the day. Drinking water at right and constant intervals provides strength to the body and digestion takes place properly. Water removes unnecessary substances from the body, so pay attention to drinking your water along with food.

2. Follow proper routines to increase immunity

Along with diet, it is also necessary to change our routine to increase immunity. If we change some of our bad habits, then we can avoid some diseases and also increase our disease resistance power.

3. Get a good sleep

Good diet along with good sleep is also very important to increase immunity. At least 8 hours of sleep is necessary.

4. Adopt yoga, increase immunity

Yoga is very important for your body. It is effective in keeping you active throughout the day. I would recommend that you adopt yoga as much as possible. And there is absolutely nothing to do yoga one day, do it daily. Yoga should be a part of your routine.

5. Drink as much juice as you can

Yes, by drinking 2-3 glasses of citrus fruit juice a day, you can strengthen your immunity.

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